How it Works

On Demand Service
in the
Palm of Customers' Hand

Whether a customer is in a night club, a stadium suite or seat, sitting at a casino slot machine, or a lounge chair by the pool, when their hungry or thirsty, they shouldn’t have to wait for someone to ask them if they are. After all, when was the last time a food-delivery service dropped by a residence to ask the occupants about their current state of hunger?
That’s why we brought self-service ordering to venues. And we did it simply. Open the app on the phone, tap a NFC tag and customers have access to a customized menu ready to be consumed. The security-enriched, NFC tag is the patron’s locator for delivery. In larger venues with suites and individual seating, we offer various locator solutions of your choosing.

The app incorporates a host of features including the ability to split the bill, tip the server and a special notes section. The app also supports major POS systems and payment is secured before delivery.

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